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All Bottle Cap Graphics collage sheets are created for use with bottle caps and other art and craft projects with some restrictions, and are available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD
COMMERCIAL LICENSE AVAILABLE for those wanting to use Bottle Cap Graphics on bottle caps for sale as supplies.  *A license is not required for those using their bottle caps as part of a larger project, such as a hairbow or jewelry. 
COPYRIGHT RELEASE AVAILABLE free for download so that you may print these images at your local photo retailer.  *The copyright release is NOT a Commercial Use License. Blessed by Designs retains the copyright on all designs!
FREE SAMPLE available to "try before you buy", as there are NO REFUNDS on digital items.   
Check out these fabulous tutorials by Cap Creations using graphics from Blessed by Designs!  Cap Creations specializes in making sterling silver hand stamped jewelry, and much more! 
Please Note: It is a requirement to indicate that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Use for your product purchase before checkout can be completed. You will be bound by these terms after purchase.


Bottle Cap Graphics will remain property of Blessed by Designs in whole and in part.  All Bottle Cap Graphics are for your personal use and small commercial use with some restrictions.  I do not require a commercial fee for small commercial use, however, I do request that you offer proper credit where your completed designs are offered online.  An active link is not required, simply "Graphics © Copyright www.blessedbydesigns.com" is sufficient.  For small commercial use, you may not use the images on bottle caps for resale, but you may offer for sale a completed tangible product such as jewelry, bows, and even on print items such as handmade greeting cards, personal address labels, and scrapbooks, etc. Items must not be delivered digitally.  You may not use or offer the bottle cap graphics for resale in whole or part as a download for digital projects such as digital scrapbooking kits, or files used in decorating commercial or personal web sites, auction templates, blogs, or the like.  Please contact me directly with any specific requests or questions about proper usage. Bottle Cap Graphics may NOT be altered or modified in any way without permission, and may never be shared, distributed, duplicated, or offered for sale in whole or part individually or in a collection.  Blessed by Designs retains all copyright to the images both in whole and in part. You are purchasing a limited license agreement that grants permission to use the copyrighted graphics for, but not limited to, the uses stated above.  Due to the digital nature of my products, I do not offer a refund or exchange policy.  ALL of my designs are permitted for use within FAMILY FRIENDLY AUCTIONS and STORES offering FAMILY FRIENDLY PRODUCTS, ONLY Blessed by Designs, Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

BOTTLE CAP GRAPHICS downloads include:
1 - 4x6 in. PNG file format - for quality printing at home on your printer.
1 - 4x6 in. JPG file format - for quality printing at your local photo retailer.
(Samples with 12 images per sheet are on 4x6 in.)
1 - 8.5x11 in. PNG file format - for quality printing at home on your printer.
1 - 8.5x11 in. JPG file format - for quality printing at your local photo retailer as an 8x10.
(Samples with 30 images per sheet are on 8.5x11 in.)
PLEASE NOTE: ALPHABET BOTTLE CAPS are available in 8.5x11 in. sheet ONLY.
*All graphics have been created in high resolution to ensure high quality printing.  *I recommend for highest quality to have the graphics printed at your local photo retailer.
*Each image measures just over 1 inch in diameter (to allow for some margin of error), for use with your 1 in. circle punch. 
*Images you receive with your download will NOT be watermarked as shown in the samples!
*Images are delivered to you on a transparent (PNG) and white (JPG) background. 
Requirements: A photo editing software program and a general working knowledge of your computer, software programs, and crafting skills.  I am unable offer assistance with printing problems or how-to-make bottle cap crafts.  I simply am able to offer quality designs for those who are experienced with using them.
MINI BOTTLE CAP GRAPHICS: For use as mini bottle caps, simply reduce the size of the 1 inch bottle cap graphics by 50% to create 1/2 inch mini cap designs!
PLEASE NOTE: If your images are printing larger than the actual size of one inch, please check your printer settings.  Be sure your printer is set to print a PHOTO on a 4x6 page (or 8.5 x 11 for alphabets), and your scaling is set to 100%.  Setting your printer for highest print quality for photos with full ink cartridges will give your images the best chance of turning out crisp and colorful! 
*Blessed by Designs is not affiliated with the Gymboree Corporation. All "M2MG" graphics used in my bottle cap graphics are creative works, hand-mouse drawn by me and inspired by Gymboree clothing and/or other fabric/clothing designs. Gymboree is the registered trademark of The Gymboree Corporation.
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